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is by saying something publicly. >> i've always wanted to tell a story about lincoln. >> stahl: steven spielberg's new film "lincoln" focuses on our 16th president's almost impossible task of passing the 13th amendment abolishing slavery. the director researched the project for 12 years and cast oscar-winning actor daniel day lewis as abraham lincoln. >> blood's been spilt to afford us this moment. now, now, now! >> i think the film is very relevant for today. it's about leadership. >> stahl: leadership. >> and about telling the truth. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." "ever ask somebody to lend you a foot?" "who thinks about stuff like that?" "vince mahe grew up on two continents... and noticed that wherever you go, people have their hands full, but their feet free." "the result? a liftgate you operate with your foot." "code name?" "open sesame" "the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further." two. three. my credit card reward
ambassador stevens? special report, investigations, death and deceit in benghazi. from washington, d.c., here is bret baier. >> it looked like this election was all about the economy, but that changed when terrorists murdered four americans at the united states consulate in benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. americans had questions. who did this and how? should our government have seen it coming? did president obama tried to hide the truth? is this a huge scandal that exposes a failed obama foreign policy? is mitt romney just saying it is. tonight we'll try to give you answers. we'll walk you step by step through the terror of that day and break down the political maneuvering that has followed. we begin with a series of frightening developments and troubling decisions leading up to that horrific night. it's a story you haven't heard. it's told by a man who tried to prevent what happened on september 11th, 2012. >> did you have a close relationship with the ambassador? >> i lived and worked with him for two months when he came on to the time i left, yeah. >> bret: no one understands more the
on september 11th, 2012. >> did you have a close relationship with ambassador tore stevens? >> i worked with him for months from the time he went on there to the time he left. >> no one knows more the full extent of the fiasco that killed stevens. he worked closely with stevens for 6 months in libya before his violent death. a 24 year u.s. special forces veteran, wood's job was to try to prevent such an attack from occurring. >> does it make you mad? >> that was my first reaction when i heard ambassador stevens had been killed. i was angry. >> why did you come forward? >> i was had at the hub of everything going on there some of the information needs to come forward. >> we begin our story in the winter of 2011 a year before wood arrives in libya. colonel moammar khaddafy is in power in tripoli. they are gaining rocontrol over much of libya. february 25th the u.s. state department withdraws all of its personnel from the capital. but six weeks later april 5th, 2011, it sends stevens with a 12 man team by charter boat to benghazi now under rebel control. as special representative to the re
agent comes here and gets ambassador stevens from his bedroom and brings him along with sean smith to this room in the safe haven, really aside from some medicine and other supplies, a big, dark, windowless closet. and then outside a locked gate, hoped if-for security. -- hoped-for security. megyn: that is just so sad. that was our greg talcott reporting from libya on the deadly terror attack against our consulate in benghazi, and he was detailing some of the new information from what appear to be a series of recent intelligence leaks from the obama administration. as the questions continue about al-qaeda's role in this attack, how the administration has been dealing with those questions not to mention why there wasn't more security for ambassador stevens on the ground. that was the room in which he spent what may have been some of his final moments. fox news chief intelligence correspondent has been all over this story from the beginning, catherine herridge has the very latest live in washington now. catherine? >> reporter: megyn, thank you. an interview with the head of the house
the attack and we now know u.s. embassador chris stevens sent repeated memos to washington, even on the day he was killed, asking for more security. senator graham, is it conceivable that president obama didn't know how dangerous benghazi was for americans? >> no. no administration's going to send the president of the united states into the public arena not telling him about an attack in april and june. what if the president were asked by a reporter in june, tell me about the consulate in attack in benghazi, he said i don't know. i find that inconceivable. this is going to be a case study, studied for years of a breakdown of national security at every level. failed presidential leadership. the benghazi-lib libya license consulate was a death trap. we asked additional security and was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government. we should have closed that consulate long before september 11 or heavily reinforced it and i put that on the president of the united states. this was a national security break down before, during and after the attack. >> senator
to the killing of the great ambassador like ambassador chris stevens. >> look, libya is an important example. after the tragedy of september 11th, you saw tens and thousands of libyans marching in the street in honor of chris stevens. they valued his offer in engaging in the world and democracy, particularly for young democracy is more than just going to the ballot box. that's the very first requirement. we have to set up a simple structure, a court system. >> how does the american administration get the kind of information that chris and others are asking for in relation to a tragedy like this when the government is basically not formed. it's formulating before our very eyes? >> we have to help it. we have to set up structures. we have to help them set up an intelligence gathering system. there's a whole structure of civil society. >> and don't you think, though, if i may be and we were not literally enough in describing the conditions inside a place like benghazi. it's because we weren't clear enough in terms of the problems that occurred in the nation that is uprising, that is literally r
take. steven, thanks for joining us. >> it is great to be here, thank you. sandra: so i guess i would first ask you why are gas prices falling by so much when oil is really still around $90 a barrel? >> well, the quick answer is the fact that they had risen by so much in the month of september. we're now at a time of the year where retailers across the country can sell a winter grade gasoline. this is a cheaper gasoline to manufacture and therefore there was a price differential between the summer grade and winter grade which is what we're now consuming by about 20 cents. now what happened back at the end of the september, beginning of this month is that we had a number about of refinery outages, a number of pipeline outages. so we saw a shortage in gasoline. so again, in september, prices typically begin to fall because we make this transition into the winter grade. now that fall in price was pushed down the road because of these refinery disruptions. so in fact we had about a 20 cent rise in price we normally would not have seen this time of the year. so that price, plus the normal
, in the six months before the attack and we now know that u.s. ambassador chris stevens sent repeated memos to washington, even on the day he was killed, asking for more security. senator graham, is it conceivable that president obama didn't know how dangerous benghazi was, for americans? >> no. no administration will send the president of the united states out into the public arena, not telling him about an attack in april and june, and, tell me about the consulate attack in benghazi, what do you think about it, and the president said i don't know and i find that inconceivable. and this is going to be a case study, studied for years of a break down of national security, and, failed presidential leadership and senior members of the obama administration, failed miserably and the benghazi, libya conflict was becoming a death trap and the british left and the red cross left, because of the deteriorating security environment and we were requesting additional security and it was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government and we should have closed the consul
internet video. >>> outrage over the video. >> ambassador chris fer stevens worried about al-qaida and asking for more security before the attack that killed him . those thippings that i need for every day living are expensive. what kind of impact will inflation have on the election. joe at it again. >>> how many do you know who served in iraq or iran. another biden blunder. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >>> thank you. thank you. we have got a great enthusiastic audience here. so happy to have them and you. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york maybelet most interesting moment in last week's presidential debate when the president claimed he labeled the attack on benghazi in the rose garden comment. mitt romney rightly challenged the thing and whip sawed by moderator candy crowley who rushed to offer asylum to president obama and saying that he had indeed labeled the benghazi atact as the result of terrorism . he mentioned acts of terror. but he did not attribute the assault in libya to such a thing. >>> no acts of terror will s
? it was a gift. >> that attack killed ambassador stevens will be the topic they focus on as they look at foreign policy. campaign surrogates on sunday talk shows had to explain how dangerous the world is pointing out iran's nuclear intentions security concerns in afghanis n afghanistan, china's growing power and more. >> people want to know they have a strong steady hand and they don't want people who are consistently wrong on foreign policy as governor romney has. >> the current president has a different vision of the world. part of the failure this president has had is a failure of broad goals real goals a view of america's role and the world should be. we have never gotten that from the president. we haven't gotten from the president his plan for the future. >> each candidates talked about there are two visions for american people to decide. tonight's 90 minute faceoff takes place at boca raton, florida. both candidates spent the weekend preparing for this final debate knowing millions of americans will be watching closely. in such a tight race as this both know servieverything is at stake.
holtz-eakin,merican action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven what i will start with you, what happenedo your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see sething different. melissa: there i momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end this week, ifanything is ind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all ov the place. what they really --. melissa: there are a lot of polls. >> what they show is close race. melissa: byron, to yo, do you think there is trend for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is gog on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a state you don't win
th, 2012. at 6:00 p.m. comments to the public and southern station, acting captain steven bomo concerning the southern district. >> i was waiting for the clock to come on so it is still off. so i will speak. i am not going to take two minutes any way. briefly, commissioners, good evening. i just want to make reference to the so-called electronic control weapons that i believe are the tasers. and while we are not calling them tasers, that the public is familiar with. and two, that you are going to have these actual community meetings and schedule will there be posted on buses or newspapers with the media or the people to actually see or will they be listed on the site because part of the problem is the public at large is that when they tis the certain events they put it on buses and put out 1400 posters and get a community to show up. in the past i have seen various police commission meetings where not that many people showed up because they did not know what was going on and i think that if you are going to put these out, properly, to either post them on the buses or in the new
, snow fell near stevens park in the washington mountains. some areas got up to fife inches of snow. >>> nothing we saw around here. weather this weekend was perfect after the storms went through friday. >> it was gorgeous. what great timing. >> race for the cure couldn't have been better. >> it's going to be chilly this morning. plenty of sunshine in the forecast for the next several days. west, not only across the pacific northwest, but seeing snow in the higher elevations of california as well. as we bring it close to home, nothing of the sort. we are not dealing with clouds this morning. mainly clear skies, all of that will be sunshine once that sunrises this morning. temperatures right now, are chilly, 46 degrees in reisterstown, 48 ellicott city. german town 44. 45 frederick. 47 annapolis. the low to mid-40s easton, chester town, and haverly grace, good morning, 49 degrees. we are chilly right now. as the jet stream retreats, it will usher in warmer air, that will continue through the week. we will have a nice week if you like the warm weather to. the tropics, we are dealing w
retrieve that ring. if he was a really good best man. >>> steven it is time for another edition of technology from the moon. >> it is. that you might find in your home. >> i love this segment. >> the movie "paranormal activity 4" just opened. i'm too scared to eastern watch the trailer. one scene people are chatting about online. it's this scene right here. the kids are in the family room playing. >> the kinects, what how they see. this is how they find the paranormal. >> you can actually use your kinect in this way in your home. we have folks who tried it. watch this. they turn on their infrared camera -- >> it works. >> right. >> in your home. >> is that what it's supposed to do, though? >> let's find out. we have our kinect-sperts here to weigh in. hey there, zach. >> hey, dude. >> this is pretty cool. what exactly is going onhere? >> the kinect uses this ifrared ight to s what it doesn't, this grid of red light and detects how long it takes for the light to reflect off of you or what's in the room, and you and i can tell how far away we are. >> what you need to do this at ho
confirm state department personnel including ambassador christopher stevens raised concerns about the shortage of security in beeghazi months before the september 11th terrorist attack. ambassador stevens himself wrote about security threats in june, august and the very day that he was murdered. meanwhile, military sources telling fox news that the terrorist attack may have been part of a broader campaign to drive a growing american presence out of eastern libya. yet the administration continues to refuse to admit what any fact at all and threat assessments ignored, requests for security there were ignored, and the reality on the ground resulted in the murder of four americans in libya. and as much as the president mmght now want us to believe that he declared the murders in benghazi to be a terrorist attack just the day after they occurred, the public record -- as we have repeatedly reported and demonstrated -- is contrary tois statement. joining us now for a critical look at the president's, well, changing positions on the september 11th attacks and the liberal media's inability
stevens and three other americans were killed at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, mr. romney rushed out a statement in which he accused the president of, quote, sympathizing with those who waged the attack. of course that was blatantly political. republicans cooked up a dishonest talking point, claiming officials created a coverup on the attack by initially leaking the libya attack to protests over an anti muslim video. >> i don't think that they should have sent their u.n. ambassador out five days later to say that this was from a spontaneous mob reacting to a youtube video. >> i think you need to ask yourself, why didn't we know five days later when the ambassador to the united nations. >> then why send susan rice out saying that this was a spoon tan yous reaction, not reacting to a youtube video? >> now we know the truth is, obama administration officials were repeating what the cia experts were telling them. "the washington post" writes, quote, the cia documents supported susan rice's description of the benghazi attacks but the romney campaign doesn't care. they are playing poli
, they put out a political statement when the attacks were going on, before we knew ambassador stevens was murdered. you can't play politics with american lives. i think both of them have a little bit of cleanup operation to do tonight on the question of libya. >> that's libya. i do want to talk iran. paul begala, thank you very much. we have much more on iran. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >>> as preside
from chris stevens was his concern about security at the consulate. i don't expect the president to know when 16 people are moved in or out or something like that. but i certainly expect him to know in his daily intelligence brief that things were deteriorating in benghazi to a terrible degree. and then, of course, when it happened, we saw all this business of spontaneous demonstrations, which anyone with any knowledge knew -- by the way, the cia station chief in benghazi's first message back was that this was a terrorist attack and we all knew and they knew that there was an al qaeda-affiliated organization there. this is really an unacceptable screw-up and obviously the president should have known better. >> let's talk about the debate tonight because you're unique in this regard. you've debated both mitt romney when he was seeking the republican nomination, you won. you debated the president when you were the republican nominee. he won that. i'm going to play a couple of clips of you debating both of these individuals four years ago. >> my hero is a guy named tedly roosevelt.
stevens, the u.s. ambassador, he said, well, the circumstances there were less than optimal. you better believe that's going to come up. >> he was repeating a question from an interview that he had. the last debate romney tried to bring this up andy screwed up the fax and he had to be corrected by candy crowley right there in the debate. the administration's story hag changed as the facts have changed so that's why the story has been different, no question. >> jack, i'm curious, and i think a lot of people will be, this whole campaign seems to be focused now on what would obama do four years from now as opposed to what he's done in the past. i think the same goes for mitt romney. what would mitt romney do in the next four years on the foreign policy front that would sort of right some of these wrongs that you see. >> i think first of all, you wouldn't drop the ball. the bottom line is romney wouldn't drop the ball. obama has dropped the ball in so many places. look at iran. the one place the u.s. should have gotten -- wade chance to have a genuine nationalist revolution in iran. we cou
't move! aah! (grunts) steven rigsby says "hi." (exhales) hmm. you'll get my report when i'm finished. until then, you will continue with your paid suspension. you're free to go. you're gonna regret this someday. what? well, this. this paperwork. every night you just file it and forget it. you know--you know what it's like? it's like cooking a beautiful meal and putting it straight in the refrigerator... forever. you could help. no, i couldn't. so... what's your report gonna say? it will say that agent rigsby acted appropriately and with sound judgment when he used lethal force against moss. good work. you got away with it. me? well, i can't make a case, but you chose a remote location for the meeting, you set up a situation where moss had to flee. and there, by chance, was rigsby. (laughs) well, i'm--i'm flattered. you--you flatter me, but, uh, i can't take credit for that. moss didn't have to run. i would have brought him in. the plan did require moss to put his own head in the noose. small gamble jane had to make to keep everyone's hands clean. moss fired his gun. so you all say. a
understand, this is not libyans, this is not islam. we respect ambassador stevens. i personally worked with him as a u.s. envoy. he was very much loved and respected in libya. but the question remains, why the violence in libya? and of course, we saw it in tunisia and other countries. i bring up the issue of traumatized transition nations. we have to work with these groups and address the issue of identity. on the ground, this is one of the biggest issues civil society is coming together with. in most cases, there is an assumption, in order to receive funding or beat it accepted by western nations, you have to distance herself from religion. the exception has been in libya where you have seen some groups stepped out. in particular, there is a network of some of the most respected people in libya who have been very active in terms of issuing statements. even after the revolution, in 2011, the network issued a statement to promote international women's rights. so here we have a country in the midst of a revolution for freedom and they took a step back to talk about women's rights, we res
. >> the suspect, steven anderson, who we have identified, goes through his pockets and takes the $40 that mr. perry had, and then kicks him a second time, and then as he's done, another individual who we'd like to identify also comes up and kicks mr. perry one more time in the face. >> perry has a cut lip and several broken bones in his face. >>> the university of mississippi, you know it as ole miss, well, the school just made history. 50 years after immigrating, it's elected its first african-american homecoming queen. >>> first, collect as many credit cards as you can. compete with your friends to buy possessions you can't afford. and don't bother saving for retirement. it's a long way off. these are all things ben stein says you should do if you want to ruin your financial life. christine romans sits down with him in this week's "mastering your money." >> ben stein is a well-known economist. he was a speechwriter for president nixon and, oh, yeah, this. >> bueller. bueller. bueller. >> now ben stein is advising all of us to slack off a little like ferris bueller. he writes financial basi
the waters or not over the weekend, one thing is clear the cables that went up from ambassador stevens himself about the rise of islamic extremenism his concern about security in benghazi. even on the day that he died hours before he died, we're clear we reported to them on friday. i want to get to one other topic; that is, iran. charles, over the weekend, take a listen to this back and forth about the "new york times" story that said the u.s. was sitting down one-on-one with iran. >> i think it's a clear indication, the regime, president obama put together with israel and many nations around the world is putting pressure on iran to sit down and finally acknowledge they cannot have a nuclear weapon. do the right thing and stop progress toward nuclear weapon. four years closer to it. what the president tried has not worked. >> charles, the white house backed away from the story. a-1 in the "new york times." what is your take on it? >> it's ridiculous. assuming it eat true and the white house is deny the calculated leak. pressure is working to make iran sit down. iran has been sitting fo
. they're taking the death of an american hero, i knew ambassador stevens, okay, and he's a hero to a lot of people. his approach brought the best out in the libyan people. when he died the libyan people -- >> wait, van. >> let me finish. the libyan people came out and brought the best in him. they said that this is wrong. >> george, this is what i think was wrong in this system that we have today in which there is no pause button and no time for thoughtfulness on both sides. somebody says something, we automatically throw something at them. they have bad intentions or they're evil. they're no point in time where we can sit back and calmly say, on both sides of the aisle, to put this benghazi thing in context, i worked for president bush, we had a president and an administration for years made an argument for years about weapons of mass destruction. this is not -- this wasn't two weeks, this was months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this. today -- >> the point is our intelligence gathering is bad. >> this compound, this consulate was attacked in april,
on that protests sparked the attack. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died in last month's terror attack in libya. >>> the 45-year-old ex-marine who opened fire at a walk area spa was allegedly hunting down his estranged wife. three women were killed in yesterday's rampage but police haven't said if zena haughton was among them. police say the suspected shooter radcliff haughton was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside the spa. >>> former senator george mcgovern is being remembered as a war hero who became a champion of peace. mcgovern died at the age of 90. he was a democratic nominee for president in 1972 but lost in a land slide to richard nixon. bill and hillary clinton among a number of other democrats cut their teeth by working in politics for mcgovern in the early '70s. the clintons say he was a tireless advocate for human rights and dignity. >>> cycling's governing body will decide if it will strip lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles. a decision being made right now by international cycling union president pat mcquaid. the u.s.
chris stevens. we got some very shocking and upsetting reports in terms of what he was saying on the day that he died, about the situation on the ground. i want to show our viewers what some of those quotes were, from chris stevens. that just surfaced late friday friday afternoon. on september 11th. he said there are growing problems with security. this is a growing frustration, he says. and he says the forces on the ground were two weak to keep the country secure. look at this about a month prior to september 11th. look very closely at the phrases that chris stevens uses to describe other violent acts on ground near the embassy. he says the individual incidents have been organized. the security vacuum that a diverse group of independent actors are exploiting for their own purposes. he talks about organization and he talks about vie ends are and very significant and specific intent in these writings. chairman rogers. >> absolutely and, you know, somebody said is this, clearly it is a failure to secure that consulate and that ambassador. by the way, this wasn't barack obama's ambassador.
, looters moved in, and they were the ones -- according to this new report -- who found ambassador stevens still breathing and still, well, gripping to life but unconscious at that time. joining us now is the author of this report, stephen -- [inaudible] he's in benghazi, he's a writer for time magazine, and we just want to mention that to our viewers, steven, because sometimes the connection can be a little spotty. what stands out to you from the conversation that you had with the guards on the ground? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me, glad to be with you. um, first of all, there was no protest outside the u.s. 'em embassy in benghazi on september 11th. i've spoken with many of the libyan guards, all the libyan guards who were on duty, and they've all relayed a similar story to me. the night was quiet, they suddenly heard shouts of god is great, and then the gunfire and explosions began within a minute or two. the guards were completely overwhelmed, and it continued throughout the night. the attackers came in, they let everyone else in through the gate, and attackers came in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 75 (some duplicates have been removed)